Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vacation week

I took vacation this week because my son was off from school, and it was actually a perfect blend of activity and relaxation.  Wednesday, we took a day trip down to NYC, where my son got to enjoy his first visit to the Met.  He'd learned about it in school and was excited about seeing it for himself.  He especially enjoyed the knights in armor.  We saw a kid's magic show at a local theater on Friday, and Saturday, I did a half marathon.  In the rain.  That's a different story (I guess it fits in with CG's theory about running and comedy!).  The other days, we maxed and relaxed.  :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


There was another Albany ComicCon back in October.  My guys and I went to it, and my son was absolutely delighted at the sight of people in costume, dressed as characters from Star Wars and various comic books.  After shaking hands with one of them, he exclaimed with glee, "I shook hands with a FANBOY!"

Now that I've put up today's strip, my husband thinks we should actually show up at the con dressed as "Crazy Guy" characters.  :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sense of Entitlement Girl

What can I tell you about Sense of Entitlement Girl that you don't already know by interacting with people just like her?  Hmm.  Well, she was inspired by an actual person.  In our apartment-dwelling days, we'd come up with descriptive names for the various people in our building.  Like there was WAS, aka "Walk Around Smoke" and "Smoky McFarty."  SOEG was a college student whose sense of entitlement was palpable.  I came up with "Sense of Entitlement Girl" off the cuff, and from then on, she was SOEG to us.

In the same building, there was another "Crazy Guy," but he was really just a bit eccentric.  The poor guy had a run-in with SOEG that ended with his family taking him in because she was threatening to sue him.  Something about him banging on a shared wall.

SOEG once insisted that we move our car to make room for hers.  The parking area in question belonged to a nearby college where I was employed.  So I had an actual parking permit that allowed me to park there.  She only had her sense of entitlement.  We didn't move our car.

I did a one-off comic on SOEG long before we ever encountered the guy who inspired Crazy Guy.  You'll recognize it as the inspiration for the standard "SOEG entrance" I use whenever she appears in the strip:
Click to enlarge.