Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He's Back!

Sorry about the CG-neglect.  The strip that I posted on 10/1 took me over a month to go from script to posting, and much of that was just procrastination on getting started and procrastination on getting finished.  Le sigh.  In my defense, I have been training for a marathon since June 18, and my weekly mileage peaked at 48 a couple of weeks ago.  Sure, that's not much to the big guns who do 100-mile weeks on a regular basis, but I was averaging 20 miles/week before starting this particular training cycle. 


My husband (who, no, is NOT the basis for CG) is fairly obsessed with financial blogs.  I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go with this strip, and he ran with it, for this strip and the next (which I am halfway through penciling!).  I have my marathon this coming weekend, but I'm also off on Monday, so I am hoping to get the next one up reasonably soon.  :)