Tuesday, December 6, 2011


You see, I doubt Jim Davis has ever even been to Schenectady.  There he was, sitting with his "comic" colleagues, when someone came along and asked the whole "where your ideas come from" question.  Hooking off of the "where" in the question, he gave a place name--Schenectady.  Probably because he thought it was fun to say "Schenectady."  He could just as easily have said "Conshohocken."   Since I live in nearby Albany, I've actually been there and can tell you I don't get any of my ideas there.  This is not a slam on Schenectady, which gave Kurt Vonnegut plenty of ideas, though probably not the kind that the city necessarily wanted to advertise.  I love running Stockade-athon, the 15K that Schenectady hosts every November.  I suppose I might get an idea related to Stockade-athon one of these days, in which case I might need to revoke my entire premise here!

Anyway, this strip came about because I was scrambling for an idea for the strip, which caused my mind to wander to that "Jim Davis" quote in Lynn Johnston's "Essay on Ideas" (and which she has recounted elsewhere as well).  For a long time, I've had a vague notion that I wanted to respond to it in some way.  :)