Monday, November 7, 2011


NaNoWriMo.  Against all good sense, I have decided to give it a try--my second attempt.  Well, "attempt" makes it sound as though I didn't "win" the first time I tried NaNo, and that's not the case.  I did meet the 50,000-word goal.  However, I ended up with a document I never wanted to look at again.  It had lots and lots of filler, including large quotations (with credit given, of course, but still).  It also just wasn't good.  This first attempt was in 2007.  It has taken me since then to recover from the trauma!

And I am way, way behind.  I've only completed 2,194 words so far, after telling myself that I would do a big catch-up over the weekend.  On Saturday, I actually did things!  Like going places, seeing people, engaging in activities.  So I got NO work done on NaNo OR "Crazy Guy."  And I'm setting myself up to feel that whenever I'm doing NaNo I'm stealing time away from "Crazy Guy" and vice versa.  I'm also determined to write something halfway decent this time!  (I'm trying my hand at a YA novel with a sci-fi/supernatural element to it, but NOT Twilight!)  So no taking the approach "Crazy Guy" is taking, despite how tempting that might be.  :)